Page 112 - To Angela is the first occurence of the project Page 112 (Small hands).
Page 112 (Small hands) is an ongoing anthology of notes, folded pages, and traces left by former owners, in EECummings Complete Poems books.

The collection began after a series of fortuitous encounters.
Looking for a poem on page 112.
At the 24th book received, still not there.
Some words on the flyleaf. « To Angela ..(..).. »
However, a sheet of paper folded on page 366, with the wanted poem handwritten, and a sequence of words arranged inside.

Page 112 - To Angela consists of a succession of unique pieces, robotically-handwritten. each singular-all identical in a way.
In a relatively short time, the envelope will be sent by mail, with the letter inside.
The first 24 letters are 112 euros, the following, 366. No delivery fees, wherever.
When the pens are empty, the series stops.

For more information or to order a copy please write or just even send a blank email to